Pim Widdershoven

DevOps Engineer, Cloud Specialist, with many interest in tech related subjects

Install Rancher Server on CentOS 7

Do you want to use Docker containers in production on a CentOS 7 machine, but you think it is hard? Then have a look at Rancher! Rancher is a container management platform to deploy docker containers in a production environment very easily.

Setup your private GitLab server with Docker (and Rancher)

As a developer, I used GitHub a lot to store my (private) projects. This works great, but I do miss the CI integration as done by GitLab. I could use public services like Travis, but they do charge for private projects.

Because we're using GitLab and GitLab CI at work I wondered how much work it would be to setup my private GitLab server on my Rancher environment. In this blog post, I will share the results with you.

Password complexity and blacklist in Symfony (optionally with FOSUserBundle)

Password strength is a more and more important subject for (web) applications. I guess we have all read at least one time about user accounts got hijacked because the user used a password like "1234567890" and "qwerty". As developer, we can prevent this pretty easy by adding validation on the user password.

Test sending emails using Symfony + Behat + Selenium2

Testing your Symfony application with Behat and Selenium2 is a good approach to check if your application is performing as expected. When using this combination in your continuous integration pipeline you likely also want to know, not only if the application is working correctly from a user perspective, but also if background processes are correctly executed. How about testing that an email is sent to the user if the user requests a password reset? This is possible by using the Symfony Profiler!

Robo PHP - A modern task runner

At work, I am responsible for version management and releasing software. The process of releasing a new version is always the same: creating a change log, adding this to the documentation and in GIT, update the version number, etc. etc. etc. This set me thinking, can I automate this process? And can I do that with my favorite language PHP? Yes I can, with Robo PHP!

KPN Routed IPTV on an Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite - Lessons Learned - Part 2

After blogging about my lessons learned on 28 March this year, I have to create a 'part 2' because of problems with the static route to the KPN IPTV network. It changes at every reboot which causes a not working IPTV network in-house.