Pim Widdershoven

DevOps Engineer, Cloud Specialist, with many interest in tech related subjects

HOWTO: Quick start to the Silex microframework

How to start with the Silex microframework and what is the best folder structure for my new micro project? Edwin Kortman (also known as Dreadwin) created a Silex boilerplate repository based on a blog post by Matthias Noback in 2012 to quickly setup a new Silex project and I'm really excited about it!

Introduction to StashPHP

Stash is a PHP library and makes it easy to cache the results of expensive code, like database queries or external API calls, in a hierarchical way with interchangeable back ends.

WeCamp 2015

Spoiler: WeCamp 2015 is was an awesome 5-days experience on an island in The Netherlands focused on personal development, technical skills and soft skills!

Introduction to the FormHandler library

The Symfony2 Form component is probably the most complex Symfony2 component available. The basic implementation of a form can be done in controllers but this gets chaotic very fast. To get a nice and simple structure, I have developed the FormHandler library.

My first blog post

Hello World!