KPN Routed IPTV on an Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite - Lessons Learned - Part 2

Written by Pim on Saturday April 23, 2016 - Comment - Permalink
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After blogging about my lessons learned on 28 March this year, I have to create a 'part 2' because of problems with the static route to the KPN IPTV network.

The problem: On every reboot, I get a DHCP address in another subnet. The previous static route doesn't match the new subnet and causes a not working IPTV network in-house. To resolve this, I had to update the static route at every reboot...

The solution: Update the static route after the boot process has completed.

The scripts I created:


source /opt/vyatta/etc/functions/script-template

r_ip=$(run show dhcp client leases | grep router | awk '{ print $3 }');
iptv_static=$(echo "set protocols static route next-hop $r_ip")

delete protocols static route
eval $iptv_static

The script retrieves the next-hop address from the DHCP client lease. Then I delete the previous static route to and set a new one.

To run it at every boot, create the script in the /config/scripts/post-config.d directory and make it executable (chmod +x).